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Win the *toothbrushing battle* with HABITS

Habits are, in my opinion, the key to health (and life). I wish I could say I like habits because of health alone, but in truth, I like an easy life. Babies don't make your life easy, but habits will help. Once their first tooth starts to come through, you need to start brushing them twice a day. So here are some habit hacks to help you and...

Are half of parents bad parents?

Just under half of eight-year-olds in the UK have holes in their teeth. Half of them. Can you believe it? But who's responsible? Does this mean that half of parents are bad parents? I’m here to tell you that the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. As a budding SMUM (step mum) I can completely understand that being a parent has to be one of the most difficult...

Introduction to Habox

Hello mummies and daddies, grannies and granddaddies, care-givers and friends. Whoever, you are, welcome to Habox. We’re so pleased to have you here! It’s been a long journey to get us to where we are now, so let’s start from the very beginning. My name is Katie, I’m a dentist, co- founder and CEO of Habox, but first and foremost I’m a SMUM (step mum). Where...