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Our Story

The Habox Vision

The Habox vision is simple; an open, guilt-free place where parents can be honest and will never be judged. Instead, they will be supported so children will have healthy teeth and gums for their whole life.

We are boldly raising awareness and paving the way to make change, big change. Without honesty and truth we fear this simply wont happen. Here at Habox we believe that by being able to discuss oral health openly we can make a real difference, and strive to make families healthier. There is so much guilt and shame surrounding oral health; and it is our mission to change that.

The team

Katie Davis CEO & Dentist

Katie DavisCEO & Dentist

Katie became a dentist in 2010. It didn’t take long for her to realise that children’s dentistry was her forte, and took even less time to realise that most children and their parents faced similar challenges. So, with perseverance and a willingness to help, her mission became Habox.

Justina Perkins COO & Dental Nurse

Justina PerkinsCOO & Dental Nurse

Justina has worked in dental practice for over fifteen years. She is a passionate nurse and mother to 8-year-old Maddox. Katie and Justina met whilst working together in Bath and the idea for Habox was born.

Jessica Daisy Hellens CMO

Jessica Daisy HellensCMO

Jess started her career in PR and marketing over a decade ago specialising in the creative industries. She is passionate about creating and representing brands that are trustworthy, approachable and inclusive…much like Habox.

The problem


The Facts:

  • 46% of children aged 8 in the UK have tooth decay
  • 35% of children aged 12 are too embarrassed to laugh or smile and show their teeth
  • 38% of children have sleepless nights because of dental problems
  • 2-15 days of school are missed for each child with dental health problems
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