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Introduction to Habox

Hello mummies and daddies, grannies and granddaddies, care-givers and friends. Whoever, you are, welcome to Habox. We’re so pleased to have you here! It’s been a long journey to get us to where we are now, so let’s start from the very beginning. My name is Katie, I’m a dentist, co- founder and CEO of Habox, but first and foremost I’m a SMUM (step mum).

Where did it all begin?

Eight years ago I found myself having just graduated from the Bristol Dental School, earning myself the medal of achievement from the British Dental Association that recognises one’s technical ability as a dentist *flicks hair* and entering the world of dentistry. It soon became apparent that I enjoyed working and connecting with children. Even now my patients tell me that I can develop a special relationship with my child patients, one that can be seen as pretty unique for a child and a dentist…

So you’re a dentist, what’s your experience in parenting?

It was whilst working in Bath, that I met a dental nurse, Justina. We fell in love, she introduced me to her son Maddox and my world changed once more. I’m now a SMUM. Countless mornings and nights went past, I watched the great tooth brushing war commence between Justina and Maddox. I couldn’t understand? Justina is a dental nurse, between that and being an amazing mum I assumed she was more than qualified to help Maddox. So I helped, or should I say TRIED to help. It didn’t go down well... Me, a dentist, STRUGGLING TO BRUSH MADDOX’S TEETH? I soon realised that I had been poorly equipped during my university years. I felt like I just didn’t have the correct skills (I had all the knowledge, but how helpful is that alone?) to support children and their families, and to actually change habits. Especially the vital elements such as HOW to implement change, HOW to form habits and HOW to avoid dental disease. AND I’d just done a degree in this!

How can I get the correct skills to help my kids then?

This takes us to Habox… Now, I hear you ask…what if we had a dentist that could support us and our families from the comfort of our own homes? What if I could ask questions about my child’s teeth and not feel judged? What if I could have a dentist in my home every single day? (OK so maybe I won’t be living in your house with you that’s creepy) but, Habox can! Habox is your dentist in a box.

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