Bamboo Toothbrushes for Christmas for Kids

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth (and a magic wand to get children to brush theirs!)

Why do children hate brushing their teeth? You’ve met them, right? The tight lips, the toothpaste swallowers, the toothpaste haters, the wigglers, and the sneaky “I’ve made my toothbrush wet to trick you” ones. Habox will solve all your toothy troubles! And, save Christmas too (we’ve got it all sorted!)

Struggling to know what to get for the children in your life for Christmas? Let Habox help! Sign up to Habox, and this will be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

Habox arrives every 3 months, packed with habit-forming goodies that make toothbrushing a walk in the park! The tool every parent that has endured the toothbrushing battle needs. Not to mention eco-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste. Saving children’s teeth, AND saving the planet.

Suitable for all children from birth. We personalise each Habox based on the child’s age, making sure they have the best products for their little mouths.

  1. 1

    Select how many children you are gifting Habox to. 
    You don’t want anyone to feel left out right?
  2. 2

    Enter their name and age. 
    If you don’t know their birthday, leave a note of their age in “special instructions’.
  3. 3

    Delivered any way you want. 
    We can deliver to you, or straight to the lucky child!
  4. 4

    Choose a 12-month subscription. 
    Pause or cancel at any time.

If you’d like your first box to arrive in time for Christmas, just put a note in the ‘special instructions’ box to let us know and we will post out the first box to arrive before Christmas. Last order date to ensure Christmas delivery is 17th of December.